Individual Graduate School Consultation

The counseling process always begins with a first consultation meeting. This consultation typically includes the following process, though every meeting is unique and personalized to the individual situation.

A review of your educational and personal profile compiled from the completed online Questionnaire submitted prior to the consultation, and any other relevant material provided, which will help inform our initial meeting. Such advance materials will include college academic transcripts, a résumé, and a record of any standardized testing.

The informational form will highlight your personal interests, achievements, and goals, which will help me to get to know you. I would also like to see any specialized, individual testing if you have any particular learning needs or other educational issues I should be aware of. Additionally, if you have already written some graduate admission essays, or have previously applied to graduate school, you can share those with me, too.

During our first consultation meeting, we will usually spend time:

· Reviewing past, current and future college curriculum, if you are still in school.
· Discussing academic strengths and weaknesses, past grade performance, and goals.
· Discussing extracurricular interests, activities and personal hobbies, summer involvements and programs, volunteer and/or employment opportunities, and specialized study options.
· Reviewing your résumé, career goals, and current graduate or professional degree interests.
· Considering additional degree options that might be a good fit for you.
· Guiding you to consider your personal profile and ways to focus or expand it.
· Developing a list of schools/programs that fit your academic and personal profile, goals, and preferences.
· Explaining the graduate admissions process and timeline.

After the initial consultation, you may choose to schedule additional individual consultations. Or, you may decide to become an Ongoing Counseling client. Initial and additional consultations are scheduled for 60 minutes. We may meet in person in my Wilton office, by appointment in New York City, or via video or audio conference. My hours are flexible to accommodate students in various U.S. time zones, as well as international families around the world.