While today we would say “starts a person”, Plato certainly had it right when he noted the importance of education during an individual’s early years. Whether you are considering independent (private) day schools or boarding schools, various local or out-of-area public schools, international schools, or just aren’t sure, my advising process can help you as a family plan for your child’s educational future.

I have been working with students of lower middle school age and older for many years, helping them and their parents understand their educational options. My ongoing advising process focuses on learning about a student’s strengths, goals, and needs, and matching them with age and level appropriate choices. I work closely with junior boarding, senior boarding, and independent day schools through the admissions process, and help students and parents with applications and interview preparation.

Many families are also considering the pros and cons of their current public school system, or other public schools in areas where they are re-locating. International or expatriate families are usually very concerned about securing good educational options prior to undertaking any family move. I help generate and evaluate academic choices, while explaining the admissions process to be undertaken, and assisting students and parents with necessary components they must complete.

Whether you are just beginning to plan for an eventual application to boarding school, moving from public to private school (or vice versa), considering a post-graduate (PG) year after high school, looking to repeat a high school year while transitioning to a new school, or managing a family relocation for personal or professional reasons, I can help make sure you are taking a comprehensive, holistic look into your options and making the most of the admissions process.

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.