It is quite common for me to develop a strong counseling relationship with clients over a number of years, and in many cases, families have asked if there is a way to stay involved with a student on an advisory basis through their college career, even if the student has no particular graduate school goal in mind. In other instances, students already in college have asked me to serve as a consultant and advisor to them as they navigate their options.

I am happy to continue with you as you enter college, and provide guidance on your educational path and progress until graduation. This long-term advisory role in a student’s life furthers a sustained relationship between, leading to a more informed and balanced approach to a successful college career.

The ongoing personalized counseling service is available to those clients requesting a continuing educational resource throughout the college years. In such cases, I encourage college students, in particular, and often their parents, to be very proactive in claiming my time and advice. You are welcome to initiate and maintain regular contact with me to discuss academic and other concerns, and keep me apprised of your grades and academic progress, and to consider your post-college aspirations.

The ongoing advisory service typically includes:
• Curricular guidance throughout the college years to help ensure a successful academic experience.
• Periodic review of the student’s current and future courses in relation to his or her personal and academic goals.
• Identification of programs and future steps to be taken to foster the student’s educational progress.
• Discussion of summer programs, internships, study away options, and exchanges that would complement the student’s chosen educational path.
• Review of essays written for applications to selective programs, grants, or other non-graduate school opportunities.

If appropriate or desirable, following discussion with the student, I will communicate with college personnel about issues in the student’s interest.

As part of the ongoing advisory service, I prioritize my availability by telephone, video, email, or text, to answer questions and to respond to requests for information. When desirable, students may schedule personal meetings in either the Wilton, CT, office, or New York City by appointment.

The total Ongoing Advising fee is $10,000, payable at the outset of the process or in installments. Please let me know if you would like to discuss payment options.

Please note: The Ongoing Advising program is separate and distinct from my regular Graduate School Counseling program. Should counselees in the above program decide to engage in Graduate School Counseling, I will offer Graduate School services for an additional, reduced fee.

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