“Thank you very much for your help four years ago, when you counseled me into Yale. I have deferred my recent admission into Yale Law School to spend two years with the program Teach for America. Your advice and guidance set me on the right path and I just wanted to say thank you once again!”

"Our entire family cannot thank you and Matthew enough for all that you have done to assist and guide us with our college searches. That all four of our girls were able to go to their first choice college is a wonderful blessing, not something we could ever take for granted. From plotting out preparatory strategies well in advance, to evaluating college options utilizing your deep knowledge, to preparing applications that insightfully make the best possible case, your masterful advice has been fundamental to each daughter's success. We will always be grateful!"

“Our daughter’s experience in working with you was both sobering and enlightening. We were worried that her only choice would be beauty school (!), - but you opened our eyes to other possibilities which would be right for her. I think you are terrific. Sign us up for Ongoing Counseling for our other daughter as well.”

“We are so grateful to you both for helping our family through this challenging process. Your joint wisdom and sincere empathy were a tremendous comfort to us, and your expertise and knowledge were extraordinarily important in our decisions throughout. We are thrilled with our daughter’s real personal growth through this experience. You played a major role in helping her grasp and meet the challenges involved, and to keep a grounded perspective along the way. You are excellent at what you do, as well as being kind, and wonderfully thoughtful as well.”

“My college advisor has just told me that Vanderbilt has accepted me off the wait list! I am absolutely thrilled, and cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice you have given me throughout this long admission process. I would not be where I am without you.”

“Thank you again for preparing our daughter to successfully apply to Dartmouth. It is the perfect school for her, and your coaching and advice played an important role in getting her accepted.”

“My husband and I want to thank you for all the help you gave to our son who has happily enrolled in Suffield Academy. Since arriving at the school, our son has been very happy with the teachers, coaches, his roommate, and his academic advisor. As you foretold, they have all been very caring, responsive and attentive. We were all very impressed and pleased with every interaction we have had with you, and are very grateful for your wise and thoughtful counsel which led us to Suffield.”

“We are so grateful as a family for the help you gave our daughter during her college search, which resulted in an Early Decision acceptance to Cornell. Neither my daughter nor I knew this good news until we arrived home from a school function that night, and saw the banner my wife had hung over the front door – ‘GO BIG RED, YEAH CORNELL!’ So many combinations of things go into a college acceptance, and I remain deeply appreciative of the confidence you inspired in our daughter. You told her there was no college she should automatically exclude, and you stressed consistently working to get good grades. With your help, she worked extremely hard on every aspect of her applications, - the essay, her personal statement, even her poems. This kind of care and attention helped our daughter’s real self to shine through. Based on the confidence you showed in her, our daughter was able to hold herself up to the scrutiny of a highly competitive admissions office. It will be fun to work together again in a few years when our other daughter is ready to start the college search.”

“We are so excited to let you know our son has been accepted to Denison University. You wouldn’t believe the whooping and cheering as he opened the acceptance letter. (Actually, you would!) And what is more, he was selected to receive the Dean’s Award Scholarship valued at $10,000 for each of 4 years toward his tuition. How great is that?! You really provided our son with a positive outlook during this process. He tends to get really stressed and this was always remedied by meetings with you. After his sessions with you he always felt a sense of calm which was not easy for him. My husband and I are so appreciative your service exists.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get accepted to Michigan. I had very little hope that I would get in. But after a lot of hours spent talking with you, planning, revising essays and applications, I started thinking maybe I had a shot. I knew no one could have the essays and all the elements of the application that I had, and I owe a lot of that to you. Not only did you review all of my writing with lightning speed, but you always gave me great advice as well. Thank you for helping me realize my dream – that I never thought would come true.”

“Thank you for your help with our daughter’s college plans. She has accepted 2 scholarships to the University of Alabama and will be part of the University Honors Program. With the change in the economy, and her change of heart after her recent car accident, your help in clarifying opportunities and possibilities was very valuable.”

“What an enormously useful session we had with you. You brought focus and wisdom to our college search, and while traveling the next week to visit colleges, we broadened our list to include two you mentioned which we would have overlooked. We also took your advice to focus on the excellence within departments instead of the ‘sticker factor’ (how it feels to stick the decal on the back window of our car)! Thank you for broadening our horizons to include some Midwestern schools which had not been on our original list. Our visit was time extremely well-spent.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help with E. over this past year and a half. I never heard her so excited as when she called me to say she’d just been offered a spot at Yale. I don’t think she expected to get in there. She was also accepted at Kenyon, Washington U., Tufts and Johns Hopkins, and WL at three others, including Dartmouth. Your input was very helpful and she appreciated your availability during several critical moments. Your willingness to tell her that her first personal essay was not appropriate was crucial. If we had said that, we would have hurt her feelings, but it needed to be said, and you got that across.”

“Matthew, have you heard that H. will be attending Washington & Lee? We are thrilled with his decision. He had a few weeks to narrow his choices and follow his instincts. Our gratitude to you for your knowledge and guidance throughout this process. Having you as our counselor kept us from second guessing our son’s direction, removed the stress we have seen occur with this process, and allowed us all to truly enjoy the college search experience.”

“Now that school is over, I have taken the time to look back and think about this busy and diverse senior year. When I began the process of applying to colleges in the USA, I did not really believe I would succeed. I probably would have given up when faced with my first rejection, were it not for my family’s support, and for your continuous help and encouragement, Matt. I don’t think words are enough to thank you for all you did, so I hope to do so by making the most of the opportunity I have been offered.”

“We are delighted with M.’s acceptance to Cornell University’s School of Architecture. Your guidance and direction during the college selection process made all the difference in his final choice. You opened his world beyond the mundane courses offered by his high school by encouraging him to explore architecture in Cornell’s summer program. We will be bringing our second son, D. in to see you soon. Thank you for your patience in working with us long distance.”

“I wanted to let you know how worthwhile it was to meet with you. Your suggestions made a big impression on both of us, and we are moving forward accordingly. Thanks for your patience and skill.”

“We are very excited that our daughter has been offered a position at Berkshire. New England! What a new adventure for a Southern family. Your expertise helped us make an intelligent decision, and gave us the direction to help us avoid dead ends and wasted time and energy. We will certainly be singing your praises here in Louisiana when others ask about boarding schools. We are so happy we found you.”

“As with our son before her, we want to thank you for being so knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive throughout J.’s college process. She is so proud of having been accepted to Dartmouth, and looks forward to being in Hanover with her brother next fall. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and business acquaintances who have children involved in the college selection process that they contact you based on the very positive experience my family has had with your company.”

“I am so excited these several days as I received telephone calls from my son in respect of the possibilities to be transferred to Columbia or Dartmouth. When I further knew that he was invited for an interview in the Harvard this week, I just couldn’t believe it. Our dreams for him are coming true! I don’t know how to express now and how much I should thank you, Matthew for your assistance, your advice and your support.”

“We finally made it! I hope your fax machine recovers from my lengthy faxes! Thank you for your guidance and input all along the way. I am certain that this contributed to my positive acceptance record so far, and has helped me to achieve my goal.”

“We want to commend you on your efforts with our son, J. You were able to use J.’s preferences to determine a list potential colleges for him, narrowing his choices from thousands to a number under 20. You were also very helpful in steering J. to take more than the requisite number of SAT 2’s, in helping him choose courses for his senior year, in determining which SAT 2’s to release, and to help him see the value and impact of a second year internship at AmeriCares. Matthew’s skills as an editor enabled J. to produce essays that truly expressed his experiences. As a result, J.’s application to Penn gave them a look at a student who, on paper, did not blend in with his peers. Matthew also prepared J. for his interviews, which imbued in him a sense of confidence. We are delighted with the result and will be calling you soon when it is time for our second son to go through the process.”

“We did it! I am finally a Dartmouth freshman and I couldn’t have become a member of the ‘Big Green’ without your help. It was you who encouraged me to apply Early Decision. It was you who supported my essay, and brought my spirits up. Your professional opinion was worth more to me that you will ever know.”

“Our son D.’s success and self-satisfaction is greater than we had hoped when we began this long journey as two nervous and naïve parents. Thank you for the important role you played in his and our lives.”

“Thank you, Matthew, for the wonderful work you have accomplished with our son. While he was clearly ready to take his future into his own hands, we know that he benefited greatly from your wise counsel and the personal interest you took in his development. Now that he has achieved his cherished objective, I know he will make the most of this wonderful opportunity.”

“Thank you for all the help you have given me in this long and demanding process. The guidance you offered was meaningful and honest. Whether it was just giving me feedback on college visits or editing the ten-millionth draft of my essays, you gave me knowledgeable assistance in a timely manner. You helped me to choose the right institutions to apply to and now it is up to me to find the best fit. I am happy to tell you that I have been accepted to Wake Forest, Davidson, Kenyon and Colgate. Once I have the full picture I will probably ask for help in narrowing my choices down to ONE. Thank you again for everything you have done for me.”

“Our daughter P. has adjusted well to her first few weeks at Yale. The professors are excellent, the roommates are sweet, normal girls, and the food seems edible. She was initially astonished by the amount of work assigned, but is working hard and has gotten some good grades. When we first started this search, I never thought we would end up in a gritty city like New Haven, but your suggestions were right on target for her and it is a good fit.”

“I have just returned from a trip to Paris and Prague, and as I get myself organized to go back to Dartmouth, I wanted to let you know again how much I appreciated the kind words you gave to me and my parents at my graduation. Dartmouth is a dream come true, the perfect college experience. Out of all my friends who went to other schools, I have to say I am the one who already misses being on campus. You have made a terrific impact on my life. Go Big Green!”

“Thank you for all you’ve done to make the college application process easier. Your ability to match our son’s personality, interests, and skills with great college choices, your expertise when we approached you with our questions, and your assistance to him when he composed his essays, were all a great source of comfort during a very stressful time. We will happily recommend you to all our friends.”

“We came to see you with our son in his junior year for just one appointment, and you both suggested Bates or Hamilton as a perfect match for him. J. has now enrolled at Hamilton and we want to thank you for your astute suggestions. Our son is a very cautious and introspective young man, and not comfortable ‘just anywhere.’ Happily we hear glowing praise from him about the student body, and the faculty. J. feels truly a part of the group. He says everyone is ‘smarter than he is’ which we doubt, however, this has motivated him to work harder to keep up. We are grateful we stumbled upon your company and had the benefit of your expertise. As luck would have it, we saw both of you together at our appointment.”

“Matt – we went to accepted students day at Wake Forest with M. last Friday and right after lunch he told us to take him to the book store. He said it was time to buy t-shirts, stickers, mugs, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, hats, etc. We sent in our deposit and M. is officially a Demon Deacon!! I must say, Wake was never on the radar screen until you suggested it. You’re 2 for 2 with college recommendations in our family! One with Bryn Mawr and one with Wake. Thanks for all your help and guidance.”

“Dr. Greene, it has been a long time since we last chatted, but I just wanted to let you know that I graduated this past Thursday from Harvard Law School. It has definitely been a challenging (and yet rewarding) few years. I am truly grateful for all the support and advice you have given me throughout the years. Keep in touch!”

“Matthew, I hope things are well with you. I wanted to update you on my kids’ progress. D. graduated from Michigan, and for someone who is not a real ‘student’, graduated with an overall GPA of 3.2 and a major GPA of 3.4. He had a great college experience, to say the least, and is now embarking on his next phase of life, which is to get a job. Your help and guidance during the application process certainly helped D. land at his dream college. S. graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt, and has enrolled in a Masters program at USC. She also had a great college experience. Your recommendation that she at least try Vanderbilt for a semester certainly went a long way in helping S. make the decision to attend Vanderbilt, which she never regretted. Again, thank you for all your help throughout the last 4-5 years.”

“Dear Matthew, our daughter is graduating from Swarthmore this year, which has us reminiscing about the last four years in general, and also about how you identified it for her so long ago. Swarthmore has been such a good fit, and has been a wonderful place for her to thrive and grow in personality and confidence. It was even a great fit for her swimming, as she qualified for Division III NCAA’s this Spring, achieved All American status, and had the opportunity all four years to take on a leadership and teamwork role with the team. Your help in identifying Swarthmore was invaluable. First, in helping her sort through the process, and then for the way you listened to her needs and helped us identify appropriate schools, and guiding her through the application. Your combination of getting to know the student and tremendous knowledge about colleges enabled her to end up in a right place for her. We would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone! Thank you again.”

“Matthew, I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks and acknowledge your valuable counsel. My son had left Washington University in St. Louis during the second semester of his freshman year – a result of what in retrospect was a bad match for him, and maybe his needing a little more time to transition to college life. We met with you a couple times and your counsel was well-informed and balanced. You suggested he consider CU Boulder, which was a good match and also a great location. He did indeed attend Boulder and enjoyed it a great deal. He graduated with a BA in Psychology, and did quite well academically as he was a Phi Beta Kappa…Yesterday he received his diploma in the mail, and so I would like to express my gratitude to you. Your advice and counsel was important to his process of re-orienting after his experience at Wash U, and our efforts to help and guide him. It made a real difference to us. Thank you very much.”