A student’s search for the right college is often the first, and most important, major decision they will make. I know that parents are the primary influence on a student’s choice of college, and that paying for a college education is one of the biggest expenditures a family will make. And, a college education is one of the most significant personal investments a student, usually with the help of their parents, will undertake.

The college admissions process can seem overwhelming at times. It is complicated, with a lot of moving parts, and selective colleges and universities seem to have become even more competitive and unpredictable to get into in recent years. At the same time, there are so many excellent institutions to consider, with fantastic honors and other specialized programs, merit-based scholarships, study abroad opportunities, access to internships or other experiential and service learning options, and arts, athletic, and research outlets to pursue.

My approach to college counseling is to advise a student personally and honestly, with a recognition of the family partnership that quite often is required and desired for admissions today. Students are in the lead, and are encouraged to stretch for more competitive colleges, and to balance with appropriate schools offering better chances for admission. I work with students aiming for a wide range of colleges and universities, including: the most selective schools at the Ivy League level; large public universities and small liberal arts colleges; mainstream institutions with a lot of school spirit and big sports teams; more specialized arts, music, or technical institutes; international universities and programs; colleges offering more learning support and specialized academic resources; and everything in between.

For more information about the college counseling process, please read the descriptions of my initial college consultation and comprehensive ongoing college counseling program, and contact me to learn more and set up a first consultation.

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