With some seventy-five combined years of experience in counseling families through the admissions process and thousands of students placed in selective colleges, secondary, and graduate schools, Howard and Matthew Greene distilled their knowledge into many helpful books. Their most recent is a third edition of The Hidden Ivies, published by HarperCollins.


Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: The Hidden Ivies (3rd Edition)

Completely revised and updated with thirteen new colleges and universities, the essential guide students need to help them choose and gain admission to the outstanding schools that fit them best.

Based on Howard and Matthew Greene’s years of counseling experience and research, The Hidden Ivies is an invaluable, in-depth look inside sixty-three renowned academic institutions. These private colleges and universities offer students a broad liberal arts education that will help them build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. The Greenes help families understand what makes an Ivy League college so desirable, and why these Hidden Ivies (some less well-known than others) offer an educational and personal experience to rival that found on Ivy campuses.

In this fully revised and updated edition—featuring new institutions, including Dickinson College, Fordham University, and Southern Methodist University—the premier educational consultants and authors of Making It Into a Top College take you school-by-school, revealing:

  • Why these are unique institutions of exceptional merit
  • What criteria to use in evaluating different programs
  • The admissions requirements for each selective school
  • How to approach the selective college admissions process today
  • Student perspectives on their college experiences
  • The value of pursuing a liberal arts education

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions every student—and their parents—will ever make. With costs rising and so many to choose from—and the competition for acceptance more intense than ever before—The Hidden Ivies offers invaluable insights and advice to help every student choose and apply to the right school: the place where they will thrive, academically, socially, and personally.

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College Grad Seeks Future: Turning Your Talents, Strengths, and Passions into the Perfect Career

In COLLEGE GRAD SEEKS FUTURE, Howard and Matthew Greene help post-collegians find their true calling, pursue the field that best fits their talents and passion, and utilize their unique skills to build a career efficiently and effectively. The Greenes explain to readers the highly individualistic nature of choosing a career, the interesting choices that are frequently overlooked, and the imaginative ways in which young adults can identify their goals and take the necessary steps to realize them.

  • What is the value of a liberal arts education?
  • What are the threads that you have followed through your life?
  • How important is "the money thing" in your choice of career?
  • What are exciting fields to consider, including nonprofit and public service work?
  • How can networking, informational interviewing, and even serendipity help you follow your personal life threads?

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Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: Making It Into a Top College: 10 Steps to Gaining Admission to Selective Colleges and Universities (2nd Edition)

The Greenes take the mystery out of the college admissions process with a clear, well-organized, proven program that covers the entire selective college admissions process:

  • What the top colleges are looking for
  • Choosing the best college for you
  • Mastering the interview process
  • Writing an exciting essay
  • Marketing personal and academic strengths
  • Creative financing to take advantage of all the options

The Greenes know how it works and reveal how to organize the college admissions process for your best results.

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Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: The Hidden Ivies (2nd Edition): 50 Top Colleges from Amherst to Williams That Rival the Ivy League

Based on Howard and Matthew Greene's years of counseling experience, as well as exclusive surveys and interviews with students, college presidents, deans of faculty, and other administrators, The Hidden Ivies presents an inside perspective of these 50 renowned academic institutions. In this fully revised and updated edition, premier educational consultants Howard and Matthew Greene go school-by-school to show you:

  • Why these are unique institutions of exceptional merit
  • What criteria to use in evaluating different programs
  • The admissions requirements for each selective school
  • Student perspectives on their college experiences
  • The value of pursuing a liberal arts education.

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Paying for College: The Greenes' Guide to Financing Higher Education

A companion to the PBS show on how to finance a college education by the country's pre-eminent educational consultants.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-33337-4
Available in stores and online at amazon.com

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Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: Presenting Yourself Successfully To Colleges

As the number of college applicants increases, fewer schools grant personal on-campus interviews, rendering the personal written application and its supporting materials all the more important. From the college essay to an activity-filled resume, students will learn how to make the most of their personal applications by presenting their skills, talents, and selves in the best possible light. This essential volume features selected samples from the files of the Greenes' clients, including students with interests ranging from art to athletics, as well as those who have overcome such challenges as learning disabilities and international school transfers.

The Greenes know how it works and reveal how to organize the college admissions process for your best results.

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The Greenes' Guide to Boarding Schools

A thorough overview of the boarding school world. This title provides parents, students, and counselors with an overview of a wide range of boarding schools. From schools with a focus on the arts, experiential education, international study, or community service; to those with a small, supportive environment to the more demanding, traditionally structured elite institutions. Written by leading admission experts Howard R. Greene and Matthew W. Greene.

Features and benefits include: - Detailed narrative descriptions of individual institutions - The pros and cons of attending boarding school and choosing the right school - Admission and financial aid strategies - Tips from admissions counselors, Heads of School, faculty, and others.

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Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: Making It into A Top Graduate School: 10 Steps to Successful Graduate School Admission

Six million people apply to graduate programs each year. Two million are currently enrolled in graduate programs.

This comprehensive, ten-step program for gaining admission to the country's top graduate and professional schools includes:

• Time-tested worksheets, executive task checklists, sample essays and résumés
• Inspirational case histories, interviewing techniques, and program categories and top choices
• Tips for calculating how much debt will be incurred and how to pay for school
• And much more

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Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: Inside the Top Colleges: Realities of Life and Learning in America's Elite Colleges

Academic reputation is the #1 reason students apply to Ivy League schools, but are they prepared for the host of other factors that will affect their success on campus? Inside the Top Colleges breaks through the "halo" of prestige surrounding twenty of the nation's private and public elite colleges and universities to reveal what the quality of education and daily life is really like on these campuses. What emerges are lessons and words of advice for every parent and student considering a selective school.

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Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning: The Public Ivies: America's Flagship Public Universities

Using their years of expertise and inside knowledge of the country's colleges, the Greenes present affordable alternatives to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton -- public universities at which students can receive an education comparable to that at Ivy League universities at a fraction of the price. Providing students and their parents with a better understanding of the opportunities to be mined at a public university, this informative, one-of-a-kind guide will help students pave the way towards a top-notch college education.

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