Whether you have known since the age of 6 that you wanted to be a doctor, or have come to the realization later in your college or professional career that you need a law, business, medical, or academic graduate degree to develop your talents, I can help you achieve your goals. With a wide range of experience helping students find and apply to high level professional degree programs, and very particular academic degrees, whether for an MBA, JD, MD, MA, MS, or PhD, I will partner with you to identify and apply successfully to the right schools for your interests and goals.

Some clients begin the graduate counseling process having a very clear idea of their graduate educational path, and even specific institutions of interest; others may have a sense of what they are looking for but need to clarify their trajectory and options. In other instances, the counseling process can help current college students or graduates sort through their qualifications and interests to discover appropriate career paths and the graduate educational opportunities that will help them move forward.

With the proliferation of college graduates in recent years, the graduate or professional degree has become more important for long-term career development, whether you work in business, education, communications, or another field. Clearly, in many professional areas of practice, such as medicine, veterinary medicine, law, psychology, or college teaching, a graduate degree is an essential qualification to enter the field.

That said, pursuing graduate study is and should be a choice, one made consciously and after careful reflection and planning. Given the time and opportunity costs, commitment of personal energy and focus, and expenses associated with a graduate degree, it is imperative that you consider options and strategies as comprehensively as possible, and I look forward to helping you do so.

Endurance is the crowning quality/And patience all the passion of great hearts
James Russell Lowell