Transferring from one college to another is quite common in the U.S. Whether you deliberately planned to start your higher education at a community or junior college and are now seeking your four-year (Bachelor’s) degree, or began college at a place that hasn’t turned out to be right for you, I can help you find the right next step in your educational path. Through a detailed evaluation of your high school, college, personal, and professional experiences, as well as your current interests, goals, and qualifications, I will develop a list of colleges and universities that make sense for you at this stage in your educational career. You will then have the support, from strategic advising to review of applications and preparation for interviews, to help you reach your goals.

Sometimes transfer advising takes place just prior to a student’s initial enrollment in a college or university, as part of a well-considered two-step plan to earn admission to a more competitive institution. At other times, students will need assistance after leaving (or wanting to leave) a college for any number of reasons, including academic performance, medical leave, financial need, disciplinary action, change in family circumstances, or shift in academic interest. Or, perhaps you are an international student looking to continue and complete your degree in the U.S. I can help you plan your move, prepare for re-entry into full-time study, and find the right academic and social environment for you.

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