The counseling process always begins with a first consultation meeting. This consultation typically includes the following process, though every meeting is unique and personalized to the individual student and family situation. As I like to say, I meet students where they are.

A review of the student’s educational and personal profile compiled from the completed Questionnaires submitted by both student and parents prior to the consultation, and any other relevant material provided by both student and parents which will help to inform our initial meeting. Such advance materials will include academic transcripts, along with teacher comments, and a record of any standardized testing.

The informational forms will highlight your personal interests, achievements, and goals, which will help me to get to know you. I would also like to see any specialized, individual testing if the student has been evaluated by an independent or school-based psychologist or learning specialist, as this will give me insight into particular learning needs or other educational issues.

During our first consultation meeting, we will usually spend time:

• Reviewing the student’s current and future curriculum.
• Developing a schedule for taking appropriate standardized tests, and discussing test preparation options.
• Discussing extracurricular interests, school activities and personal hobbies, summer involvements and programs, volunteer and/or employment opportunities, and specialized study options.
• Guiding the student to consider his or her personal profile and ways to focus or expand it.
• Developing a list of colleges and/or universities that fit the student’s academic and personal profile, goals, and preferences.
• If appropriate, advising on athletic recruiting, and pursuing competitive sports in college.
• Discussing the many different kinds of U.S. and international college and university programs and environments, including liberal arts, business, engineering, visual and performing arts, and other specialized choices.
• Explaining the college admissions process and timeline.

After the initial consultation, clients may choose to have an additional individual consultation sometime later in the admissions process. Or, they may choose to become Ongoing Counseling clients, as outlined below. All individual college consultations will be credited towards the comprehensive Ongoing Counseling fee.

Individual consultations typically last about one and a half hours, and the fee is $800, payable at the time of the meeting.


The Ongoing Counseling Program is designed to give clients top priority of my time and attention, and unlimited access through personal or video appointments, e-mail and telephone calls. I will continue to provide counseling and guidance throughout the admissions and college decision-making process.

Typically, families choose the ongoing process upon debriefing after our initial consultation and deciding that they would like additional and comprehensive support through the admissions process, and that we are a good fit for the student and their family’s needs. Sometimes, clients will wait to decide until they have scheduled and completed a second consultation one or more months after the first meeting. In either case, discussions about goals, expectations, and the counseling process are more than welcome prior to making a commitment the ongoing program.

Ongoing Counseling can be either a flat fee, full retainer program, or a monthly retainer, with a flexible process that adjusts to a student’s individual circumstances. Whether you live right down the road or on the other side of the globe, the counseling process can be extensive, supportive, meaningful, and personal. Over the course of one, two, three, or four years, the process typically includes:

• Reviewing the progress of the student’s educational planning throughout the high school years.
• Working with both student and parents to help make wise decisions, while handling issues as they may arise.
• Identifying and refining the appropriate list of colleges and universities, including reach, target, and likely schools based on feedback from the student’s college research and visits, grades, and test results, as they develop over time.
• Making recommendations on activities and summer plans.
• Preparing the student for on-campus and alumni interviews.
• Guiding students on the preparation of college applications, including the review of the online Common Application and other materials required in the admissions process (résumé, high priority emails or letters, etc.).
• Advising on college essays, including content critiques and editorial input.
• Strategizing on admissions plans, including Early Decision, Early Action, and Priority Deadlines.
• Discussing the need-based financial aid process and merit scholarships.
• Guiding the student on the selection of the most appropriate college from among those to which he/she has been admitted.
• Supporting students if they are trying to gain admission from one or more college waiting lists.
• Helping the student make initial college course choices, and prepare for the transition to college.

The total Ongoing College Counseling retainer fee is $15,000, payable at the outset of the process, or in installments. A monthly retainer option is also available. Please let me know if you would like to discuss payment options and plans.